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Due to our own personal interest in and longtime passion for Audio/Video technology and Home Theater, we have been called on in the past by our clients to advise them on purchases of Audio/Video components to go into their new entertainment cabinetry. It only seemed logical for us to begin offering these products to our clients. In 2004, we added Audio/Video equipment sales and installation as part of our service and it has grown to become a large part of our business.

We feature many popular brands including, but not limited to, quality components by Yamaha and Onkyo, as well as higher end receivers and separates from NAD. Many NAD components offer their Modular Design Construction, or MDC. This feature places all input circuitry on easily removable plug-in cards, protecting your investment via the capability for easy upgrades. Your components can be housed in an A/V equipment rack from Middle Atlantic, which can be integrated into cabinetry or hidden in a closet, out of sight. To protect your new system, we offer power conditioning units by Panamax and component cooling systems by Active Thermal Management.

To get the great sound to your ears, we offer a broad line of speaker options. In addition to standard free-standing speaker systems, quality speakers are available for concealing in walls and cabinets. We also offer shallow on-wall speakers designed to be used with flat panel displays. Outdoor speakers are available, with models disguised as rocks and planters becoming very popular. Among the many speaker brands we offer are: Definitive Technology, Artison, Polk Audio, Atlantic Technology, Monitor Audio, PSB, Klipsch, and Episode. We also offer subwoofers from Velodyne, including in-wall, in-floor, and in-ceiling versions.

On the video side, we offer all of the latest flat panel displays that can hang on a wall or be easily built in to cabinetry. For the best possible integration into complete Audio/Video systems, we offer commercial grade displays from Panasonic and Samsung. We also offer consumer grade plasma and LCD displays from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, and Sharp.

For the ultimate Home Theater experience, we offer front projectors from JVC, Epson, and several others. Combined with projection screens from Vutec and Screen Innovations, they provide image sizes that will put you in the front row of your favorite movie theater or at your favorite sporting event.

You have probably heard the terms "1080p" or "True HD" used in advertising. Many current displays offer 1080p resolution. These displays have over twice the resolution of the typical 720p displays. The difference can be quite noticeable, particularly on larger displays. To take advantage of this increased resolution, you will need a 1080p source. We offer Blu-ray disc players from Yamaha, Onkyo, and Panasonic, among others.

Of course, the whole system needs to be easy to operate and unobtrusive to the eye. To that end, we offer custom programmed remotes from several manufacturers, including URC and RTI. These remotes allow us to integrate all of your components seamlessly together to be controlled by a single remote, even if all of the components are hidden out of sight in a cabinet or closet. In the picture above, for example, all of the components are behind the lower door of the cabinet to the right of the display.

Let us help you plan a Home Theater system for your new home or remodel. We can start from scratch or build a system using some of your existing components. A peek at the back of some current Audio/Video Receivers will intimidate many casual users. Let us install and connect all of your components, using high quality interconnect cables, and get the whole system up and running for you, so you can just relax and enjoy it!

In addition to the links provided above, please see our A/V Line Card page for a complete list of brands we offer.

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